Kadar Khan Is Not Died – Just Death Rumors (Confirmed)

There are many sources on the internet who rumored about the death of the bollywood legend and best comedian actor Kadar Khan. It is now officially confirmed. Kadar Khan told IANS-

“My family is extremely upset about it. They are very worried. All this has shaken my family. Whoever is spreading such rumors, please stop it”.

His family members are much upset by such rumors of his death revolving around the social networking websites.
Later he told-

“Ek din toh sabko jana hai aur main aap sabki duayein lekar jaunga. Right now I am completely fine”

Bollywood Comedian Kadar Khan Died RIPKadar Khan was one of the finest comedian as well as villain in bollywood films, also he wrote many scripts for more than 250 Hindi films while played as actor in more than 450 films.
Kadar Khan is alive and fine, please stop the rumors, the news about his death are false. We highly apologize on wrong information if published. Kader Khan is fit and fine. God bless him.