Asin proves herself with 100 Crores hat-trick (Housefull2, Ready & Gajini)

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Asin Thottumkal  is the only actress who proves herself with a fantastic hat-trick of 100 Crore club within just 4 years. Asin Choices was really very good enough to make the films blockbuster and more than 100 Crore collection on the Box Office. Its very hard to enter into 100 crore collection but Asin proved it.
26 years old sexy actress Asin Thottumkal is very well known and popular Tamil Actress who made her bollywood debut with Amir Khan’s Gajini in the year 2008. Fortunately, Gajini (2008) was the blockbuster movie of the year 2008 and entered into the 100 Crore club. Asin was awarded by Filmfare Best Female Debut for the Hindi film ‘Gajini’ in 2008. Box Office collection of Amir Khan’s Gajini was 190 Crore while only the budget of the movie was only 65 Crore.
Later, Asin stars with bollywood Dabangg Salman Khan’s ‘Ready’ in the year 2011, which is the second Hindi film starring Asin Thottumkal. Salman Khan’s ‘Ready’ was the second blockbuster Hindi film in Asin’s bollywood career. The budget of ‘Ready’ was only 40 Crore and the box office collection was 184 Crore.
Sexy actress Asin Thottumkal - hat-trick of 100 crore in Gajini, Ready & Housefull2
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all of you very well know about ‘Housefull 2’. Along with Asin Thottumkal, Zarine Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez & Shazahn Padamsee also stars Housefull2. ‘Housefull2’ (2012) is the sequel to ‘Housefull’ (2010). Here Asin Thottumkal finally made the hat-trick with third Hindi blockbuster film whose box office collection crosses 100 crore and reaches to 181 crore with budget only 75 crore.
Asin got an amazing achievement with just 4 years, read what she speaks about her great and fantastic achievement –
“These are baby steps for me as I have been a part of Hindi films for just four years as compared to others who have been here longer. Being part of three out of the top ten Rs. 100 cr movies is an achievement for me. I feel accepted as a part of mainstream Bollywood.”

“After Ready and Housefull 2, people ask me if I have developed an affinity to comedy films. I feel that at this point in my career, I want to be a part of entertaining films. Though I’m looking at doing a variety of substantial roles, I don’t want to do movies for a niche audience.”
Asin is prepared for her next bollywood hindi film ‘Bol Bachchan’ opposite Ajay Devgan which is scheduled to release on 6 July, 2012.
Anyway, all we are amazed with the success and hat-trick of Asin. Now Asin is the proven successful actress of Bollywood and we hope she will get more and more success and have a bright future.
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