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On this valentine season, the lovemaking story of Hot British Model Amy Jackson and Cool dude Prateik Babbar makes the movie ‘Ekk Dewana Tha’, more romantic. Both Amy and Prateik tried for a couple of days to make popular and promote their first ever film and bollywood debut by Ekk Dewana Tha. Before starting the shooting of the film, Prateik and Amy Jackson were strangers and they don’t know how the film romance makes fall them in love in real life. But today both are happy with their friendship and tried to ignore the rumors of love relationship. But Prateik Babbar is happy with the rumors of their relationships. Both says that the most memorable part of the film shooting when they shoot romantic lovemaking scenes for the film. Prateik said in a statement about Amy Jackson- “We’re are BFs and not BFFs yet. But we’re in sync. I can tell her everything. Except that I have a bad stomach and I’ve been to the loo 12 times today. Yeah, not stuff like that!”
In reply Amy said – “Yes, it can come with the situation. But we’re best friends because we have many common interests and we like hanging out together.It’s my first movie and I’ll do everything to make it work, but we wouldn’t use each other to promote it. A year from now, we’d be as good friends as we’re now. “
Prateik and Amy Jackson shoot
The movie has four different endings according to the place where it is to be released today – Telgu & Tamil and Bollywood, accordingly to the audiences. Amy replied to the different endings of the movie that – , “The movie’s already such a big hit in Telegu and Tamil, but we had to make it a bit different for Bollywood. Even with the lovemaking scene, it’s not raunchy or sexy, it’s innocent. It’s emotional.”
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